Have you been thinking about opening your very own Etsy shop?

You have been thinking about opening up your own Etsy shop. You are both excited and a little nervous. 


You are not really sure where to start.

You may or may not know much about running a business.

You are ready to dive in and start learning.

Open an Etsy shop

The truth is, now it takes more than just having a great product. In the world filled with algorithms, you need to have more. Such as,

  • Learning the correct SEO (so you can get found on the search)
  • Finding out if there is a demand for your product
  • Photography and branding
  • Getting traffic to your Etsy shop
  • Starting an email list 


The cool thing is, it doesn't have to be difficult.

You just need to start with a STRATEGY that works.

So, where do you go from here?

You can keep dreaming or be one of the few that takes massive action.

Here are a few choices that can help you get started today.


Dowload the "7 Phases to Starting Your Handmade Business" Roadmap

You will get an instant download which gives you the framework of what I teach all of my students in my signature course "The Etsy Success Roadmap".

Get your roadmap now
 for only 7 bucks

This option is for the person on a budget who is willing to invest in themselves and their business. This dowload is great starting point to get some basic knowledege, inspiration and a framework of how a succesful business works.


Open an Easy as P.I.E. Etsy shop 

This is a fantatsic option for a person who is limited with their time or finances.

What is an easy as P.I.E Etsy shop? P.I.E. stands for Passive Income Etsy shop.

The great thing about opening a P.I.E is that you don't even need any creative talent to do so.

Learn more

This option is for the person who wants to earn passive income. They are willing to invest time upfront to set everything up and also willing to invest minimal time maintaining their shop.


Schedule a 20 for 20

You will get 20 intense minutes of my experise for a special introductory rate of only 20 bucks. (limited slot times available).

We can discuss your goals and come up with a basic plan to get you started.

This option is for the individual who is all in. You are ready to be a student to learn everything their is to know about starting or running a successful shop.