The "Easy as P.I.E." Etsy shop


Imagine, it's 3am and you are awakened by a sound. 

Not the sound of your alarm or your baby crying, but by the CHA-CHING of the Etsy app going off. You've just made a sale.

You go back to sleep with a smile because you're officially making money while you're sleeping.

You carry no inventory and you don't need to ship anything. 

All because you opened up a P.I.E. Etsy shop.

A Passive Income Etsy shop.

Recently, I launched the Beta workshop of the...

 "Easy as P.I.E. Etsy Shop"🍰

A 3 Hour Intensive Workshop (no, it's not an Actual Pie Shop!)

AND... it was Wildy Succesful (Scroll Down to see What my Current Students are Raving About).

Open an Etsy shop

Join the Hundreds of Etsy Shop Owners that are Making Money with a Passive Income Etsy Shop

  • NO inventory to carry
  • NO products to ship
  • NO special talent or creative ability 
  • Open a brand new shop or add passive income products to your existing shop


Check Out These Posts from our Beta Workshop

Get Your Shop Open Today-Take Action!

Join me for this special workshop where I will build a new P.I.E. from scratch so you can learn the exact steps and successful strategies you need to open up your own Passive Income Etsy Shop 

Join Stephanie AKA Business Chic Mama (Top 1% Etsy seller and coach) as she hosts this value packed workshop. You Won't want to miss it!