It's time to show the world your talent. 

I help creators start and grow their online business with Etsy as the starting point.

Have you been going down the black internet hole-

 lost in the land of overwhelm and freebies?

My process is straight forward. To give you strategies that work.

WE good?

successful etsy shops

Hi, I’m Stephanie.

So this is where you check me out, to make sure I'm legit. :). In a nutshell, I've creating my life around CREATING. Whether it's dressing my models to walk the runway, importing and designing jewerly making supplies, vlogging on YouTube or managing my multiple six figure Etsy shop, my true passion is to help YOU get YOUR talent and passion out to the world so you can make money while sipping your latte emmersed in your craft. Click here for my bio.

“Are you driven? Good, because I don't want to waste anyone's time. I'll give you the plan and coaching but you gotta do the work.”

- Stephanie AKA Business Chic Mama

So if you've read this far-here's how I can help...

Click which one you relate to.

I have an Etsy Shop and I am struggling.

Hey, I totally understand ya...Running an Etsy shop can be tough. But it doesn't have to be. It takes some knowledge of what is exactly going on in your shop, testing and making corrections. 

That's me!

 I don't have an Etsy Shop but want to open one!

Great! I like your style! Starting an Etsy shop DOESN'T have to be complicated. ( I should know, I have 7 of them). But where should you start?

I want to open an easy as P.I.E Etsy shop.


What the heck? What is an easy as P.I.E. Etsy shop? Well silly, click to find out more...


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